Skin is the most sensitive part of human’s body. It requires lifetime care and protection. Each human being owes different skin tone, texture and healing process. Scar formation is a natural process, especially after surgeries. Scars can be reduced in a great manner with constant care and treatment. If patient and doctor are treating the problem with proper vigilance, scars can be improved and concealed in an effective manner. There are number of products available in the market that help reducing scars, irritation and infections after surgery. So, let’s discover the best creams for scars after surgery.

Application of Creams for Scars after Surgery
Application of Creams for Scars after Surgery

Most of the scars flattens within 18 months but always leaves a mark on your skin.

How Scars Occur?

When any wound or injury breaks through the upper layer (epidermis) and into the deepest layer (dermis), a scar occurs. The deepness or severity of scar depends upon collagen fibers and healing response of the skin.

When Scars Become Severe?

There are certain types of cells in our body, known as Fibroblasts. These cells are responsible for repairing the gap in the skin. When these cells go into overdrive, they produce excessive amount of collagen. This causes deep and severe scars on the skin.

Scars after Surgery

Scars are formed as a result of surgical incisions, like cut, puncture, injury or burn. The skin contracts and close over the open injury site. The collagen fibers form a new skin cells that develop scars. The sternness of scarring depends upon many factors, such as skin type, area of body, age, skin tone, skin slackness and ethnicity. Darker skin tones are more vulnerable to scarring problems, while fair skin tone tends to scar greatly.

Patients having tight skin are more susceptible to scarring. They tend to develop noticeable scars. On the other hand, patient having loose skin will face very little scars on their skin. This is due to decreased elasticity. The tension is less when closing the skin after operation.

A scar is said to be ideal, if it develops into a flat and thin line. Flat scars die away quickly within some time. Most of the times, collagen fibers are produced in excessive amount after surgery, causing itchy, heaved and red scars.

Best Scar Creams after Surgical Procedures

You can get rid of the unwanted and annoying by-product of surgical treatments. You can significantly reduce scars by using skin care products. Silicone sheets, creams, gels, ointments, oils and lotions are topical treatments that are applied after surgery.

Scars After Plastic Surgery

Now, fade your scars with best quality and effective creams, including:

  • Kelo-cote Scar Gel
  • Gel Care Advanced Scar Therapy
  • Scar Esthetique Scar Cream
  • Kelo-cote Scar Spray
  • Rejuvasil Scar Removal Cream by Scar Heal
  • Laser Fade- Post Laser Gel
  • Arnica Gel for Scar Removal

These scar treatments and therapies help reducing their appearance, decrease the size of marks and their thickness. The creams can make the recovery process faster. The creams and gels, mentioned above, contain all essential ingredients that can remove old and Keloid scars.

So, check out these effective creams for scars after surgery. Feel younger!

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